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Moulded chocolates are probably the most common form of presentation that mixes chocolate and a flavoured centre. Hendricks of Hythe has tried and tested many differing forms and centres before settling on the current varieties which combine classic flavours with high quality chocolate.

Each flavoured centre is designed to enhance the natural flavour of the chocolate without dominating it. This subtle flavouring keeps the chocolate at the centre of the product and the centre of the company ethic - pure and simple.


Bucks Fizz Treat
From 8.00

Champagne Selection
From 8.00

Champagne Truffles
From 8.00

Classic Treat (Dark)
From 8.00

Classic Truffles (Milk)
From 8.00

Classic Truffles (White)
From 8.00

Tricolore Truffles
From 8.00
7 item(s) found. Page: [1]



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Christmas Delight Bar - 4.00

Classic Truffles (Milk) - From 8.00

Standard Milk Bar - 4.00

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